Sibel Ousta, M.A.

Research assistant

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Hegelstraße 59
55122 Mainz, Germany
Room: 06-205
E-Mail: sousta(at)





Sibel Ousta is one of two research assistants, who are involved in the MAMEMS project. In 2019, she obtained her Master's degree in History with a focus on Byzantine Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Since 2019 she is a PhD-student in Byzantine Studies at the same university. In the context of her dissertation she is investigating concepts and practices of ideal dying in Byzantium (4th-12th century). As a longstanding research assistant in the field of Byzantine Studies she has been working on several projects and research groups. For example at the Research Training Group 2304 “Byzantium and the Euro-Mediterranean Cultures of War. Exchange, Differentiation and Reception” at the University of Mainz, the Working Group "Power under Pressure. Monarchies between Success and Failure" and most recently at the Research Initiative of Rheinland-Pfalz.