Dr. Vanessa de Obaldia

Post-doctoral researcher

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Hegelstraße 59
55122 Mainz, Germany
Room: 06-205
E-Mail: v.r.deobaldia(at)gmail.com





Vanessa R. de Obaldía holds a BA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from the University of Cambridge, an MA in Islamic Law from Marmara University, and a Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP University. She was awarded a PhD in History by Aix-Marseille University in December 2018 for her thesis titled “A Legal and Historical Study of Latin Catholic Church Properties in Istanbul from the Ottoman Conquest of 1453 until 1740.” Her areas of research include doctrine and practice in Islamic law, Muslim-Christian relations, religious minorities and missionaries in the Ottoman Empire with a particular focus on the Latin Catholic Church, in addition to the study of historical and contemporary charitable endowments (vakıfs).